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Long ago when I decided I wanted to make parts it had to be sand cast. I love aluminum and old speed parts so it was a no brainer for me. Sand cast is not and rarely perfect. It usually has inclusions and imperfections and I truly believe these gives sand cast its charm. Knowing this all the while trying to design and create a quality product has its challenges. I strive for quality and sometimes have to accept that just sand casting and have discovered a good foundry is key to my success.

 More often than not I have designed and built my parts out of necessity for my projects, I like to think outside of box. I want to see something different and try to come up with designs other will like or appreciate. 


I build and design my parts with the understanding that not all applications are and will be equal. I have built many hot rods and not one is the same and even when the same parts are used mounting is situational at best. I design some parts thicker and more heavy duty so they can be machined ,drilled, and modified to fit many different applications. A universal fit and requires fitting on some of my items.


With my Race Scoops I was inspired to make a scoop that was different than all the stacks and frog mouth scoops available. while those have a classic (hot rod) look I wanted something different. I wanted something unique. i had a idea but I didn't know how to make it a reality. So instead to be different I took some 33 Ford horns and modified them to fit on my roadster. It was a unique look for sure but not what I had in mind. Fast forward 17 years with some trial and error I finally was able to produce a quality product with a timeless design I am super proud of..


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