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When I started working on cars and getting obsessed with cars I was working in garages, on the streets, in carports and driveways. It was fun and I wanted more. I was helping a friend build his belly tank race car and we started racing land speed.  During this time we opened a shop and named it after the belly tank Old Crow Speed Shop. This is where I started working on and building hot rods. With the land speed racing going well I wanted my own car for racing and started the build of my comp coupe build in which at the time I didn’t realize that was going to be a 15 years project. I did some slicing and dicing to to my coupe and as time went on I eventually left Old Crow for brighter pastures. I open my own shop Lucky’s Hot Rods. I built a lot of hot rods for the next 5 years. Then I moved my shop again and it was this shop where I built and finished my Bonneville car. I built some really cool cars in this shop and unfortunately I just moved again. Now, in what is my forth shop I am switching gears a bit to try to focus more on Lucky’s Speed Equipment parts and keep the ball rolling with trying to develop new parts. I am still going to build hot rods but my main focus is now trying to come up interesting parts. 

Lucky Burton



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