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For many years I wanted to make Car Club shifter knobs and happy to say they are finally here. These shifter knobs are made from manufactured bakelite knobs and they have a brushed stainless engraved coin. The knob is 2” diameter and the coin is 1 3/8”. This allows a big surface for your car clubs logo design. What a great way to show your club support and even surprise your club with a great gift.

My shifter knobs and cast aluminum parts being sold world wide for many years I am excited to be able to bring this service to car clubs all over. I also know there is a bunch of copycats out there copying my shifter knobs for years. I have been at the forefront making this style of knob for 18 years and almost 700 of them sold around the globe.  I'm sure it wont be long before the copycats catch up to me again so please remember where you saw them first and tell your friends to buy a original Lucky Shifter Knob.  

I need a black and white form of art, it can be a regular file form but vectorized art is the best. Because i have no source to proof your art what you send me is what is going to be on your shifter knob coin so please proof your art before you send to me. The better the file the better your shifter will be. After your order is placed you will email me a file and then ill get to work on your shifter knobs. You can also add your individual names on your shifter as well. You will have to send each name on the club design as individual art. Additional set up fee is $25 for each art file.

Shifter Knobs:
Shifter knobs are manufactured Bakelite knobs 2” in diameter
The coin will be 1 3/8” diameter
Max surface area of art will be about 1 1/4’
Threads come in two sizes 3/8-24 and with 5/16-24 insert
Weldable threaded rods are available
Luckys Shifter Knob display stands will be available soon as well

All club shifter knobs are $125 USD with a 10% off orders of 6 or more (for a limited time only) 

ENTER CODE: 6ormore at check out to recieve the discount!
Sorry one person is not a club so if you want one off shifter knob the price for this service is $175

For questions about custom orders and where to send artwork please email us.

Custom Made Car Club Shift Knobs

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